FAQs – Our Beginner Art classes

Each of our courses is 14 weeks long, culminating in a gallery-style exhibition to showcase the work you have created during your time with us.

Each art class lasts 3 hours, ensuring you have plenty of time to really achieve something good! They are held once a week for each of the 14 weeks and you can choose either a morning or afternoon slot to fit in with your other commitments, subject to availability.

Virtually everything is supplied apart from paper/sketch pad and pencils, which can be purchased for a nominal fee and come in a neat little portfolio-style carry case for you to keep everything in. We use recycled paper and eco-friendly materials wherever possible.  The portfolios are made from recyclable materials too and you can reuse these over and over again.

Yes, you do. Our courses are often oversubscribed and it is necessary to pre-book onto the entire course.

The individual modules are structured in a way that means – if you miss a class – you can easily catch up, with the tutor and classroom assistant offering one-on-one help where needed. We also have full colour handouts with instructions for each lesson and even video links, so you can catch up in your own time, should you miss a session.

Numbers vary according to the size and capacity of each venue but we do have a maximum class size to ensure everyone gets plenty of individual input from the two Seasons Art Class team members per class.

Please complete our enquiry form to check availability at your nearest class.

We enjoy an average of 50 – 75% student return rate time after time. The combination of their achievements, our progressive curriculums and new found art class friends, keeps our students coming back again and again.

You will be given step-by-step tuition in sketching and drawing techniques, oil pastels, watercolour painting and the comparatively modern medium of acrylics. We will also teach you how to temporarily mount your picture for an exhibition, and if you return for further courses, you learn about other techniques, tools or mediums with different subject matter.

Yes, is the simple answer. In fact it’s ideal! Each term starts with an introduction to the module and the individual classes are then designed for students who are learning to paint and draw for the first time.

If you are a returning student you will be given more advanced projects, designed to take you to the next level. Our improvers receive a level of teaching that is appropriate to their experience.

All of our art classes are intended for adults only, with attendees ranging in age from 18 to 90+.

Many of our students are of retirement age and keen to take on a new creative hobby now that they have a bit of extra time on their hands. Overall, we have a diverse range of students and our weekly meetings offer a chance to socialise and mix with like-minded people, creating many long-lasting friendships

We have never had a student who couldn’t achieve something of a good standard in our classes. Everyone learns at their own pace but most join us as complete beginners and can’t believe what they are achieving by even the second or third week!

If you are willing to learn and apply yourself, you will become an ‘enthusiastic amateur artist’ and by the end of the 14 weeks and will be creating pictures you will be proud of!