Drawing Courses for Adults

Seasons Art Class Module 1: Our Drawing Classes for Adults

Our comprehensive 14-week art course is designed for beginners and improvers. Building week-on-week, module one of the syllabus focuses on drawing lessons using pencils.

Pencil is one of the most versatile and widely used mediums in art. Learning to draw in pencil is a practical foundation on which to develop and hone your artistic ability.


Sketching Classes for Adults

Our course begins with step-by-step drawing lessons that cover the fundamentals of creating art.

During the first module, our drawing classes will explore the features of pencils and drawing techniques, including:

  • different grades of graphite pencils
  • the effects that can be achieved with pencils
  • choosing paper supports
  • mark-making, texture and style
  • hatching, cross-hatching and stippling
  • shading and tonal values
  • observation and sighting
  • the effects of light and shadow
  • enlarging with grids
  • perspective, ellipses and proportion
  • making initial sketches
  • creating balanced compositions
  • exploring portraiture
  • trying still life drawing
  • discovering figurative drawing

Why Choose Our Drawing Classes for Adults

Three great reasons why you should choose Seasons Art Class:

Explore your creativity
It’s never too late to learn and discover a new passion! We have a range of ages, with some students in their 80s and 90s!

Expert tuition
Our seasoned artists give practical demonstrations and provide personalised support with a full colour handout to take home and collect.

Make friends
When you join a Seasons Art Class, you’ll find yourself in a warm and welcoming environment with a cuppa and like-minded others who – more often than not – become a new set of friends to meet up with in the week and do art together outside of class!